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if you’re on twitter please start using #standbyzea get it trending

also use #제국의아이들 (ze:a in hangul)

"It’s important to understand that spreading lee hoo’s word and starting these hashtags aren’t for the focus on ze:a and star empire but for every group and trainee out there suffering under their companies. sexual abuse, fraud, etc. #standbyzea #standbyleehoo #제국의아이들

September 21 | 12:01 | 2283♥ | kpop1000notes
 a mix of some of my favorite tablo tracks & featurings

August 7 | 10:40 | 1265♥ | yghigh

According to Jung Eun Pyo; Actually, Soohyun is a playful boy who likes joking. But he is very manly as well and cannot say chessy words. When delivering the line ‘I’ll take my clothes off for your sake”, after hearing the director said “CUT”, he immediately shouted out "Oh! Oh!

August 7 | 9:57 | 4742♥ | namnambunny

henry’s proposal

August 7 | 9:56 | 5053♥ | heebongie

jingyu’s subtle ways of expressing their feelings on the genius.

August 7 | 9:55 | 258♥ | kimvampgyu
sprite shower (๑✧✧๑)

August 7 | 9:46 | 803♥ | jonghyunar | xianhua

get to know me meme: favorite male subunitTaeyang x Tablo

I learned a lot while working with Youngbae. The way he would treat recording as if it were his own song, working toward perfection. And the way he had such a pure, child-like love and joy for the process of making music. I was moved, to the point of feeling embarrassed, thinking back to how I was full of pride and at times lazy.” - Tablo

August 7 | 9:43 | 517♥ | ygholic | taehyong

Kim Woo Bin for KFC


congrats @syofgg for reaching 1 million followers! ♥

August 7 | 9:40 | 301♥ | foreverfany | s-ooyoungs

Henry and his famous “Neckslice” #넥슬라이스

August 7 | 9:22 | 708♥ | henrygenius